If this was a movie.

Please , don't leave me bhiey :(

Saturday, May 26, 2012 12:01 AM

Heyy youu in front the monitor ! Yes , Youu lha 
So , youu know about the title ? emm , i don't know how to talk to you guys :(
emm , i'm so sad . i don't know what to do now . Let me story to you about that title 
Tingg tingg , i speak in malay lha 
Mcm nie crite dye , kwn wanyy ade lha nme amer sorangg nie . wanyy tgur dye , wanyy ckp dye sombonk 
Kfine , tape lha ken ? Amer tuh ta na diri dye danggap sombonk , dye kenyit lha mate dkadd wanyy . Wanyy puns gelakk jha lha mse dye buadd mcm tuh . Lpas tuh si boyfiee wanyy pulaa dye memang da lme prhati si amer tuh . Dye just ta na brtindak jha . Emm , lpas tuh hri khamis amer kne pkul dgn boyfiee wanyy . Enta lha , wanyy puns ta bleyy na buadd pape . Mlm tuh boyfiee wanyy buadd ' Hi, please call me back. Wanyy puns cll lha dye . Dye ckp skrg nie law na dkadd amer tuh bgtaw . Boyfiee wanyy ckp dye ta maw lpasken si amer tuh . Then , wanyy ckp amer tuh ta sala . Wanyy yg sala sbb wanyy yg tgur dye . Wanyy ckp jgn pkul amer tuh , dye ta brsala wanyy yg brsala pkul jha wanyy nie smpai koma msuk hospital puns tape . Emm , mcm tuh lha kesa nye . Boyfiee wanyy na break dgn wanyy . Tapi , tapi , tapi wanyy ta maw break dgn dye sbb wanyy sygg dye . Wanyy ta snggup khilangan dye . Wanyy tataw knpe susa snadd na lpas dye . Emm , ape-2 puns . Wanyy mnta-2 snadd dye ta pkul si amer tuh da . Ksian dkadd amer tuh . Haihh ! Rse brsala lha pulaa . Wanyy taw , boyfiee wanyy tuh trlalu sygg ken wanyy . Dye cmburu lha tuh kowdd plus pnas baran . Tpi jgn lha buadd smpai mcm tuh skli , cri msalah btul lha boyfiee wanyy nie . Sedey btul :(

For Amer -  Amer , aku mntaa maaf snadd-2 sbb aku  ko da jdi mngse keadaan . Sume tuh sala aku tpi ko yg kne . Aku rse brsala snadd dekadd ko weyhh . Aku mnta maaf

For My Boyfiee - Dear , please dont fight with amer anymore . Not his fault but my fault . Don't hit him , hit me bcause that is my fault . I just want to say that . Kbaii

Iloveyouu M F